About us

About Rae

Rae Foundation

Rae foundation is a registered charity that seeks to offer economic support to students and families in financial difficulty. The foundation was established in memory of our daughter, Rae Kotey who passed away in March 2023. In the brief time Rae was with us, she gave us hope, love and strengthened our faith. It is our desire to extend this gift to others.

Our Mission

Rae foundation aims at promoting access to education and learning by disadvantaged people or groups. We seek to support disadvantaged groups who want to learn, but are hindered due to financial difficulties.

Our Aim

To support the development of underprivileged sections of society through support, partnership and capacity building.

Our Vision

A world where education is accessible to all.

Students and
families one at a time

The foundation’s objective is to promote access to education for people and families stifled by financial difficulties. The principal aims are to support young Ghanaians in full-time education at the primary, secondary, and tertiary levels. To do this, we seek to fund the academic fees for such learners, as well as provide other financial needs deemed necessary.

We also seek to provide additional opportunities and resources aimed at enriching their learning.

Our targeted group include students in and around Greater Accra, and other parts of Ghana. Grants are given annually, at the beginning of the academic year. To qualify, the applicant must be a full-time student in a registered school, college or educational institution situated in Ghana.