what we do

Change the lives
of economically
disadvantaged families.

Rae foundation supports Ghanaian full-time students with financial difficulties on a yearly basis. The applicant must show that there is significant financial constraint that is hindering their ability to access learning. We offer a range of financial support through the award of grants to individuals, educational establishments, and voluntary organisations.


Support for

We also offer financial awards to young people living within Accra and other parts of Ghana, who are in full time education and training. 

Applying for this award can help with the paying of academic fees and other costs associated with learning.

Schools and other educational institutions within Accra and other parts of Ghana can benefit from annual grants. This is based on the total number of students enrolled at the school who meet our financial need criteria.  The funds are distributed annually, and the school may allocate resource where it is required.

Support for

Wheelchair access for the disabled

As part of our goal, we aim to provide wheelchairs for disabled people who are economically disadvantaged. We provide them free of charge to disabled peoples who are indentified as needing support.